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The Hours (2002)
currently in worldwide release
The Hours (2002)
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Nicole Kidman
Julianne Moore
Meryl Streep
Stephen Dillane 
Miranda Richardson 
George Loftus
Charley Ramm
Sophie Wyburd 
Lyndsey Marshal 
Linda Bassett 
Christian Coulson 
Michael Culkin 
John C. Reilly
Jack Rovello  
Toni Collette
Margo Martindale 
Colin Stinton
Ed Harris 
Allison Janney 
Claire Danes
Jeff Daniels
Eileen Atkins 
Carmen De Lavallade 
Daniel Brocklebank 
Nicole WINS OSCAR Best Actress for her role in The Hours
Story ..excerpt from Who Magazine 
Based on Michael Cunningham's 1998 novel (which in turn was inspired by Virginia Woolf' Mrs  Dalloway), David Hare's fluidly structured screenplay spans a day in the life of three multi-generational women.
Lesbian Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep) is a modern-day New York book editor, Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) is a 1951 Californian housewife. Then there's Woolf herself (Nicole Kidman), braving her demons in 1941 Sussex. All three will be entertaining: Clarissa is giving a party, Mrs Dalloway-style: Laura is struggling to bake a cake for her worshipful husband (John C Reilly); and Virginia is organising afternoon tea for her sister (Miranda Richardson), niece and nephews. They're also united emotionally - by a collective yearning and the weight of appearances they can barely sustain. Working on her novel, Virginia struggles with the depression that will cause her to drown herself. Laura, drowning in her private and intractable sorrow, contemplates suicide. Clarissa's wasted former lover (Ed Harris), for whom she is throwing her shindig, is dying of AIDS and losing his mind. And as their separate days unfold, more connnections between them become apparent in a stately disturbing dance with misery and death.

This film is receiving acclaim world wide for directing, acting, screenplay, music, etc. See imdb.com for the lengthly list of nominations and awards.

The official The Hours movie site is an excellent resource and well worth constant visits.
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Above: Michael Cunningham, author of The Hours. A picture from Who magazine (Australia). For the article from which the photo was taken click on the photo above.

Above: David Hare who wrote the screenplay.
Photo from The Australian Weekend Magazine.

Above: Stephen Daldry. Director
Photo: Rex features
"Working with Nicole is like drinking the best champagne ever"
Stephen Daldry at the unveiling of Nicole's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stephen Daldry
The Hours
Michael Cunningham
David Hare
Philip Glass

first from imdb.com)
Virginia Woolf
Laura Brown
Clarissa Vaughan
Leonard Woolf
Vanessa Bell
Quentin Bell
Julian Bell
Angelica Bell
Lottie Hope (as Lyndsay Marshal)
Nelly Boxall
Ralph Partridge
Dan Brown
Young Richard 'Richie' Brown
Kitty Barlowe
Mrs. Latch
Hotel Clerk
Richard Brown
Sally Lester
Julia Vaughan
Louis Waters
Barbara in the flower shop
Clarissa's Neighbor