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Dead Calm (1989)
Dead Calm  (1989) 
Directed by : 
Based on Novel : 
by : 
Screen Play : 
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Studio :
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Sam Neill 
Nicole Kidman
Billy Zane
Rod Mullinar 
Joshua Tilden 
George Shevtsov
Michael Long
Lisa Collins
Paula Hudson-Brinkley 
Sharon Cook 
Malinda Rutter 

Story as per VCR Cover
The suspense begins on the high seas when John and Rae Ingram (Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman) recue a half-delirious stranger (Billy Zane). He says he's the only surviving crew member of a crippled schooner, but he's really a demented killer. And he'll soon punge his rescuers into a terrifying battle of cat and mouse. And life and death.

The film that brought Nicole to the attention of Tom Cruise, and launched her career on the world stage. When Tom saw Nicole in Dead Calm he wanted her to come to Los Angeles and star in his next movie 'Days of Thunder'. Tom and Nicole fell on love and were married for 10 years.

Filmed at Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia and in the Whitsunday Passage, The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

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Dead Calm
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