Cold Mountain (2003)
General Release Date  25 December 2003 USA
Other Countries - January 2004
EIGHT Golden Globe Nominations!!
Cold Mountain

Directed by :
Novel :
by :
Screenplay :

Jude Law
Nicole Kidman 
Renée Zellweger
Natalie Portman 
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Giovanni Ribisi  
Brendan Gleeson
Charlie Hunnam  
Ray Winstone  
Donald Sutherland
Jena Malone
Jack White
Kathy Baker
James Gammon
Eileen Atkins

Directed by Academy Award®-winner Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient", "The Talented Mr. Ripley") and based on Charles Frazier's best-selling Civil War novel of the same name, COLD MOUNTAIN tells the story of Inman (JUDE LAW), a wounded confederate soldier who is on a perilous journey home to his mountain community, hoping to reunite with his pre-war sweetheart, Ada (NICOLE KIDMAN). In his absence, Ada struggles to survive, and revive her father's farm with the help of intrepid young drifter Ruby (RENEE ZELLWEGER). -- © Miramax Films

Filmed in
The states of South Carolina and Virgina, USA  and in the country of Romania

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Anthony Minghella
Cold Mountain
Charles Frazier
Anthony Minghella

Ada Monroe
Ruby Thewes
Rev. Veasey
Stobrod Thewes
Ada's father Reverend Monroe
Ferry Girl
Sally Swanger
Esco Swanger

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The thumbnails to the right are extracted from Who Magazine (Australia) magazine December 2002 page scanned by To see the enlarged versions and the complete page, click on this link below. Update, now with extra Who Cold Mountain photo/snippet November 2003

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The photos below are from the Vanity Fair magazine (March 2003).  The article and larger versions are on our Vanity Fair photo page, click here or on one of the photos below. Photos submitted by Nutty
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This is not the Cold Mountain Poster but has been beautifully  made up from   these Vanity Fair photos.

The first real look at Cold Mountain  was on
Entertainment Tonight October 5th 2003  (or later if not in US). And another clip was shown October 9th.

The previous year, 31st  October 2002, Entertainment tonight ran an interview with Nicole on the Romanian set of Cold Mountain. Small snippets from the segment appeared again on Entertainment Tonight 5 March 2003, along with Black and White Cold Mountain Stills which appeared in the March issue of Vanity Fair Magazine (USA) (See further down the page for Vanity Fair).

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These next 8 photos are  Cold Mountain stills from Yahoo. Thanks again to Akilis and to Yahoo.
Cold Mountain receives EIGHT Golden Globe nominations.
Well done Cold Mountain Cast and Crew.

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The official site details have also been vastly improved with lovely photos and plenty of background information.

The above photo submitted by Amanda (LoganX2)
The photo left  is a screen capture from NKU taken from the Cold Mountain trailer shown on Channel 9, Australia on 29th October 2003.