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Winners: Room To Move (1987)
Room To Move  (1987) 
The Australian Children's 
Directed by : 
Novel :  
Executive Producer : 

Alyssa Cook  
Martin Harris 
Terence Donovan 
Nicole Kidman 
Veronica Lang 
Emma Lyle 
Mary Sinclair 
Kate Ferguson 
Helen Pankhurst 
Celia de Burgh 
The story of  dedicated track athelete Carol Trig (Nicole Kidman) who is coached by her father. Carol's main event is the 1500 metres. At the school carnival she wins the 1500 and then hears music from a gym nearby. She meets punk Angie Spry (Alyssa Cook) who is practising a dance routine.
Carol and Angie become friends. In an effort to help Angie with many home problems, Carol decides to take up dance classes to be with Angie. This  upsets her father and her running suffers, however Carol is happy with her decision.. 

This telemovie is one of 8 self-contained movies  in the Winners series.

It won the Chicago International Festival of Children's Films, October 1986
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Full Credit must go to Teachers On-Line Productions for the above photo and insight into the story. 
Above Photo submitted by Kate Courtesan
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John Duigan
Room To Move
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