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Flirting (1991)

Flirting (1991)
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Noah Taylor 
Thandie Newton
Nicole Kidman.
Bartholomew Rose 
Felix Nobis 
Kiri Paramore
Jeff Truman
Marshall Napier 
Craig Black 
Maggie Blinco 
John Dicks 
Judi Farr 
Jacqui Fifer
Harry Lawrence 
Naomi Watts
Femi Taylor 
Lisa Spinadel
Malcolm Robertson 
Francesca Raft  
Fiona Press 
Josh Picker 
Freddie Paris   
Gregg Palmer 
Kim Wilson
Michael Williams
David Wieland 
Joshua Marshall 
Danielle Lyttleton 
Kurt Frey 
Marc Gray 
Jane Harders  
Leslie Hill 
Gillian Hyde
Australian filmmaker John Duigan followed up his captivating The Year My Voice Broke with the equally likeable Flirting. Noah Taylor repeats his "Danny" characterization from the earlier film, while Thandie Newton plays a Ugandan exchange student who attends an Australian girls boarding school. Billeted at a nearby boy's school, Danny finds himself falling in love with Newton, though he is frequently at a loss as to how to express himself. The personal story is given substance by Duigan's perceptive slant on prep-school life, affectionately detailing the importance attached by the students to what some might consider trivialities. Flirting is the second in a proposed trilogy of John Duigan-directed films revolving around Danny's "awkward" years. Featured in the cast as one of Newton's schoolmates is Nicole Kidman--not yet a star, though already recognized in Australia as an actress of above-average skills. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide (and blockbuster.com)

Nicole's best friend Naomi Watts also appeared in this film. See Cast list.

Filming Locations
Bathurst, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
Braidwood, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
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The three photos above were scanned by Jen Clarke (a fan of Noah Taylor)
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Cast and Crew
John Duigan
John Duigan

Danny Embling 
Thandiwe Adjewa 
Nicola Radcliffe 
"Gilby" Fryer 
Jock Blair 
"Slag" Green 
Mr. Morris Cutts 
Mr. Rupert Elliott 
"Pup" Pierdon 
Miss Guinevere MacReady 
Reverend Consti Nicholson 
Sheila Embling 
Stacey Burt 
Motel Manager 
Janet Odgers 
Letitia Adjewa 
Barbara Howe 
Bruce Embling 
Fiona Spry 
Mrs. Archer 
'Backa' Bourke 
Solomon Adjewa 
Colin Proudfoot 
Melissa Miles 
Sonny Liston 
"Possum" Piper 
"Cheddar" Fedderson 
Jean Thomas 
Jean-Paul Sartre 
Christopher Laidlaw 
Miss Sylvia Anderson 
Greg Gilmore 
Dr. Alison Pierce
Photo above scanned for nicolekidmanunited.com (from Nicole Kidman: Biography by Lucy Ellis & Bryony Sutherland. Published by Aurum Press (October 2002)