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Billy Bathgate (1991)

Billy Bathgate (1991)
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Dustin Hoffman 
Nicole Kidman 
Loren Dean 
Bruce Willis 
Steven Hill 
Steve Buscemi 
Billy Jaye 
John Costelloe 
Timothy Jerome  
Stanley Tucci 
Mike Starr 
Robert F. Colesberry 
Stephen Joyce 
Frances Conroy 
Moira Kelly 

Story from Yahoo Movies
E.L. Doctorow's acclaimed novel forms the basis of BILLY BATHGATE, which stars Loren Dean as the title character. In the New York of 1935, the naive Bronx-born teenager wangles his way into the gang of his hero, crime boss Dutch Schultz (Dustin Hoffman), as a gofer. Although the boy doesn't know it, Schultz is approaching the end of his storied career and the Feds are closing in, hoping to put him behind bars for income-tax evasion. The youth quickly learns about the endless violence, treachery, and double-crossing that characterize mob life, such as Schultz's cold-blooded execution of his former enforcer, Bo Weinberg (Bruce Willis). After Billy tips Dutch off about some traitorous activity in his organization, he moves up a couple of rungs and is soon entrusted with guarding the gangster's girlfriend, Drew Preston (Nicole Kidman). This proves to be something of a problem, since the beauty has a mind of her own and doesn't take anything from anybody, including Dutch. Worse still, Billy finds himself falling in love with her. Dean's pivotal performance strikes just the right balance between street-smart toughness and wide-eyed wonder, and the protean Hoffman adds his explosive portrait of the ruthless, beleaguered Schultz to his long list of unforgettable roles. Steven Hill also shines as Schultz's kindly, razor-sharp business adviser. The film features handsome, period-specific sets by Patrizia von Brandenstein and characteristically brilliant photography by legendary cinematographer Nestor Almendros (DAYS OF HEAVEN), in his last film.

This film contains scenes of Nicole doing full frontal nudity. So be careful when scanning the web for this film as you may  end up on an unsavoury site with more than just Nicole naked.
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Cast and Crew
Robert Benton
Arlene Donovan
Robert F Colesberry
Billy Bathgate
E L Doctorow
Tom Stoppard

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Dutch Schultz
Drew Preston
Billy Bathgate
Bo Weinberg
Otto Berman
Dixie Davis
Lucky Luciano
Julie Martin
Jack Kelly
Mr. Hines
Mary Behan