Margot at the Wedding (2007)
Shooting began early April 2006 in and around New York City, USA. 
Some release dates
USA 12 October 2007 (limited)
Mexico 9 November 2007
Denmark 16 November 2007
UK 16 November 2007
France 21 November 2007
Germany 22 November 2007
Spain 23 November 2007
Belgium 28 November 2007
Australia 26 December 2007
Turkey 28 December 2007
Netherlands 10 January 2008
Norway 11 January 2008
Sweden 11 January 2008


Untitled (2007)   
 Cast and Crew
Noah Baumbach
Noah Baumbach
Blair Breard
Scott Rudin
Production Company
Scott Rudin Productions
Paramount Classics
Costume Design
Ann Roth
Ashlie Atkinson  
Jack Black
Flora Cross
Halley Feiffer
Nicole Kidman
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Michael Medeiros
Karaoke Singer
Sophie Nyweide
Vogler Daughter
Zane Pais
John Turturro
Barbara Turner
Aunt Becky
Justin Roth
Vogler son


June 25-26, 2007
Margot at the Wedding now has an Official website with trailer and photos. Thanks skanky

June 21, 2007
Full version of Margot at the Wedding trailer (ET took their sneak clip from this). Thanks JanJan

20 June 2007
The actual Entertainment Tonight clip of Margot at the Wedding shown. See video and more caps here.  (including Nicole up a tree). Thanks Ed.

19 June 2007
Entertainment Tonight to show first look at Noah Baumbach's Margot At The Wedding tomorrow (which will be June 20 in the US, June 21 in Australia) . Caps and sneak peek ad.  Thanks Jcajun for tipoff.

26 March 2007
First still from Margot at the Wedding. Thanks nicolefan19

23rd December 2006
Finally the film has a name. "Margot at the Wedding" The names of some of the principal actors have changed. eg. Nicole was Wnedy Pews. Now she is plain "Margot". Thanks NicoleFan17.

June 1st 2006
An account of a day filming at East Quogue. The film is still Untitled.

27 May 2006
GreySuit/Fight scene photos Also seen on set was Nicole's fiance Keith Urban

These were used in Who magazine (Australia)

and in New York Daily Post (Thanks to Chattles for New York scans)

Used in New Idea (Australia) June 2006. 

24 May 2006
Red Towel set photos appear.

18 May 2006
More set photos appear. See also Justjared

26 April 2006
First Set photos appear, the very first on

One of the set photos was also used in a little snippet in Who magazine Australia. 

21 April 2006
Hollywood Reporter magazine announces John Turturro has joined the set and will play Nicole's husband.

20 April 2006                
New York Daily Post reports Nicole has hurt her foot and a podiatrist had to visit her on set. However apparently the injury was not too bad as she was sent up a tree the next day.

2 April 2006                
Shooting begins in Long Island, New York. Nicole is spotted leaving a Starbucks Coff ee shop nearby.

7 March 2006                
Variety - Jack Black is announced as joining the film to play the husband of Jennifer Jason-Leigh..

1st February 2006
Untitled Noah Baumbach film is formally announced by Baumbach during an interview on the Charlie Rose show. Baumbach said the play was one he wrote last year, and Nicole Kidman and his real life wife Jennifer Jason-Leigh would be starring

27th January 2006
Hollywood Reporter magazine announces the film is in the works. .








This film was untitled for a while although orginally had the title of  "Nicole at the Beach" . UPDATE 23 December 2006: Finally we have a title "Margot at the wedding". This news came from (thanks NicoleFan17)

According to the brief story outline is "A drama/comedy set over a single weekend, where a mother takes her son on a visit to his aunt's home."

And from "Acclaimed Academy Award®-nominated writer/director Noah Baumbach ("The Squid and the Whale," "Kicking and Screaming,") brings to life a sharply observed portrait of a family in distress. His latest project is an unflinchingly honest story about coming to terms with one's family and oneself, a journey that is both funny and heartbreaking. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black. "





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